SyncSub :  A program to sync subtitles.

            Syncsub currently supports .srt subtitles. I plan to include support for .sub and .ssa subtitles soon. Its a command line utility basically written for *nix systems.  The software is provided "as is" according to the GNU GPL. Please check this out for further details on the licence agreement.

*    Source Files (Current Version):

1. syncsub.c
2. update.c

*    Plans for new updates:

1. Include .sub and .ssa support.
2. Support for merging multiple cd subtitles to single cd subtitle.
3. Support for splitting single cd subtitles to multiple cd subtitle.

*    Known limitations:

1. Works only with .srt files that contain text in the DOS format. (This shouldn't actually be a problem since .srt files are always in this format as far as i've seen. You'd only face a problem when you make changes to the .srt file in a *nix editor and save it in the unix style.
2. Movie lenght shouldn't exceed beyond 100 hours.

*    Any new ideas and suggestions are welcome. Any kind of help is really appreciated.Contact me at for further details on this project. Any donations can be made by clicking on this button.